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Welcome to Riverview

The Riverview Resthome and Village has been established over the last twenty years ago by the Maungaturoto Community Charitable Trust Inc (MCCT) to serve the Maungaturoto District.

Originally set up as the sixteen-bed Maungaturoto Rest Home, the complex has evolved alongside a residential area adjacent to the rest home which offers thirteen rental units .Fourteen ‘own your own’ units have been added over time. A medical centre, operated by Coast to Coast Health, provides convenient onsite care for all residents.

Changing need

As our local population continues to age and people live longer, their needs also become more complex.  Our current facility is now at capacity and we risk being unable to meet future demands or provide for those who need a higher level of care.

We are having to turn people away; either from a lack of space or complexity of needs, forcing people to seek care in Whangarei, Dargaville or Waipu – which is having a negative impact on the families in our local community.