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Future Development

Future development

We want to expand our facilities to deliver increased services to the community by adding ten new rooms to increase capacity in the rest home, as well as establish an eight bed secure dementia unit.

Currently the rise in the number of people needing residential dementia care outstrips population growth. Demand for dementia services are predicted to grow by 7% per year as the risk of suffering from dementia increases after 65yrs.  At present the nearest dementia units are at Waipu, Whangerai or Dargaville, so the development of a secure and stable dementia unit in Maungaturoto will allow local families to stay together for longer.

How can you help?

We are seeking local support to help fund these developments. Along with bank funding we’re asking the community to contribute towards the raising of capital to develop the facilities at Riverview. The total project will cost approximately $3.8 million and will allow for the expansion of the rest home and the establishment of a dementia care service right in the heart of our town long with the prospect of eventually providing Hospital Level Care also.

We know that raising this money will be a challenge, however we are confident that this development is right for the future needs of our local community.

Your support will determine if we can proceed with this project and fulfil what we see as a necessary requirement for our ageing population.

If you would be prepared to participate in encouraging people or organisations to donate money towards the project, or are willing to donate funds yourself, we would welcome your support.   Please signal the nature of your support and any suggestions you have for the development on the insert enclosed.

There are tax benefits for individuals and companies that make donations.